Trying to market your business online can feel like a daunting task!  

It's important to get it right and it can feel overwhelming and, well, kind of impossible.


But, believe me; it doesn’t have to be that hard!


I want to take the panic out of of your online marketing, save you time and money and show you how to step into the sunlight and watch your business really bloom online.



This programme is perfect for you if you:

Feel anxious about marketing your business online;

Worry that you’re wasting your time on social media;

Believe that everyone else is doing a better job than you;

Think you’ll NEVER understand SEO and Google rankings;

Struggle to keep up with all the new developments in technology and social media;

Feel that you’re being left behind.

It’s absolutely natural to feel this way! Having worked with online businesses for 16 years, I can promise you that almost everyone feels like this from time to time. I know I did, and, having learned the hard way, I’ve done the groundwork for you: 



I’ve unscrambled and simplified everything you need to know to make your business thrive online.

Here’s what you’ll take away with you:

CLARITY:  I’ve weeded out the waffle, the techno-talk and the jargon – you’ll get straightforward instructions and information…with NO nonsense!

The CONFIDENCE of knowing WHAT you’re doing, WHY you’re doing it and HOW best to do it;

A clear FOCUS on growing your business online without the FEAR that’s kept you hidden;

More TIME to work on the areas that work for you;

The COURAGE to let go of ideas, beliefs and practices that were holding you back;

RESULTS: you’ll attract new clients and grow your business.


When it comes to online marketing, your really do reap what you sow, and this course will make sure you get it right from the outset, bringing in some blooming brilliant results!

So, no more shrinking violets! I will give you the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to break out from the undergrowth and step up and stand tall like a sunflower, turn your face to the light and REALLY get seen online!

In this 5 week online marketing programme you'll learn all the stuff you need to know about Online Marketing, Social Media, SEO, content Planning and much more to boost your online presence.  Each week a new module will be released for you to work through (you can also download all the resources and learn at your own pace too). 

module 1

Ideal Client

  • Establishing your Ideal Client
  • Setting your visions and Goals 
  • Mind Mapping it out – this really works!
  • Research your profiles to connect with the right people online
  • Which platforms to use and where to focus your efforts

module 2

Creative Content

How to create content that really connects with your crowd, including: 

  • Blogging
  • Social media posts
  • Images
  • Video 

module 3

Connecting and Community

How to build bigger and better relationships with your crowd and create your online community, including: 

  • List Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Networking

module 4

Google Fabulous

Driving more traffic to your website and social profiles through:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Keywords and Phrases to get found online
  • Google Analytics

module 5

Working Smarter

How to save valuable time and money and improve efficiency:  

  • Tools for automating some of your work
  • How to schedule content
  • Planning for success 



Budding Resources

  • 5 live calls with me
  • Exclusive Access to the Facebook group
  • Lifetime AccessVideos,
  • Workbooks and Downloads

Why Work With Me?

As a working mum who’s grown an online business from scratch to a six-figure turnover, there’s not much I don’t know about the demands and challenges of building a business whilst juggling a million other things. I LOVE sharing what I’ve learned to help other small business owners realise their dreams and find success online, and I love working with groups of women who support and nurture each other as they grow.


naomi gilmour

A sunflower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it, it just blooms, and if you want to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and open up, be visible and bloom online, this is the programme for you!




As soon as you join you will get immediate access to the Facebook group, meet your community members and get support from me!

I can't wait to help you!

Don't just take my word for it!

Here's what some of the previous members have to say...

The support you get from Naomi herself is 'Amazing'

The modules and support material are well written and easy to understand. Each live call is recorded so you can refresh what has been covered. The interaction with others on the course is great as everyone has different questions and ideas. 

Georgina - Squiggle Graphics 

The course fitted in perfectly around my day job and family commitments.

The support from Naomi on the Facebook page was excellent, and she often added extra how-to videos and resources to the member site in response to our questions. The training materials are great, and it will be very handy to be able to refer back to them later as my business develops.

Laura - Three Bees

This course makes sense of online marketing – I can’t see how any small business that wants to grow their online presence would not benefit from it

The pace of the course is well set, with the individual modules released weekly. Everything is recorded and available for viewing/listening in the member’s only area so if you miss a live session or just need to recap then all the information you need is there.

Claire - Pauls Floors

 The Bootcamp doors are currently closed...

You can sign up for my FREE 7 day programme to get your online marketing sorted and I will let you know when the doors are re-opening.

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